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We Tried It: Dog Yoga a.k.a. 'Doga'

We Tried It: Dog Yoga a.k.a. 'Doga'

We Tried It: Dog Yoga a.k.a. 'Doga'

What It Is: Dog Yoga (Doga) with Lance Bass at The DEN Meditation in Los Angeles
Who Tried It: Nicole Sands, PEOPLE Writer-Reporter 

Level of Difficulty: 3/10 (Rate it higher or bring down in view of how well your creature is taking part! Or, on the other hand how well you're partaking, so far as that is concerned, given you're in a room brimming with puppies you can't resist the urge to need to pet and love.) 

"You're welcome to a canine… " — that is the manner by which each incredible story begins, and that is certainly all somebody needs to state to pet-tentially inspire me to go to any kind of occasion. Notwithstanding, this time I chose to peruse somewhat assist into the email to find I had been summoned for an exercise class including my most loved fuzzy four-legged companions — a pooch yoga class! Yet, how about we simply call it "doga" for short. While I didn't have my own particular puppy to convey alongside me to class, you can see I could weasel my way into "receiving" another participant's for 60 minutes (see me above on the left, carrying on with my best life). 

Tune in, we as a whole (yes, the two people and fuzzy companions) love long strolls on the shoreline at dusk, yet why not switch it up a little and rush on into the yoga studio for some truly necessary holding time in the wake of a prolonged day at work — or a difficult day sitting at home worrying about when your human will land back home to scratch your tummy. Doga is an activity both you and your pooch will profit by on the grounds that not exclusively will it enhance your stance and enable you to rest all the more soundly, yet your pup will profit by expanded course and the time went through holding with his/her dearest human. 

Presently, on the off chance that you need to discover doga in your city, you will need to do a touch of Googling. Tragically, The DEN Meditation doesn't normally have doga classes (however they do have the most stylishly satisfying studio and lead a portion of the best yoga classes in Los Angeles!), yet this one-time uncommon occasion was facilitated by Lance Bass (with his charming new pups Chip and Dale close behind) and Natural Balance pet nourishment to commend the arrival of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets High Protein Formulas. 

The class was driven by guaranteed yoga educator and author of Doga Alchemy Stephanie Kang and her ideal pup, Daisy. The dynamic couple exhibited postures like descending canine (I know, a work of art), wheelbarrow (the human gets the puppy's rear legs to urge it to extend its middle), internal pooch mudra (the human lays her brow on her canine's temple, associating the vitality of the brains) and, finally, savasana (the pooch lays on its back and the human rubs its stomach — clearly, a puppy top pick!). 

We Tried It: Dog Yoga a.k.a. 'Doga'

"Doga allows pooches to see that unqualified love that they give us and to get that full focus," Kang tells PEOPLE. "A ton of times they're left home, so the way that they get the opportunity to accompany you and be in your quality is sufficient for them." 

Furthermore, beside postures, people likewise give their pooches pressure point massage rubs, adjusting their brains and recuperating any agony, which Kang likes to allude to as "respecting your puppy's body." 


Puppy yoga was the ideal action to fortify your bond with your four-legged companion! It wasn't as ruff as your run of the mill yoga class, yet perhaps it was on account of I was more centered around reviving every one of the pooches into my arms than really striking the moves. I can paw-sitively say that descending puppy will never be the same without a pooch. 

When I hide st touched base to the studio, it was boisterous — individuals welcoming alternate class participants, and pooches yelping ceaselessly becoming more acquainted with one other. Promptly after venturing into the peaceful yoga studio, it was nearly as though a slight spell was put on the mutts, as they took after their people to the yoga mats, sat down alongside them and sat tight for class to begin. Between the smoothness of the group and the warm vibe in the room, there wasn't a bark or a snarl to be heard. Would you be able to state #zen? From Pugs to Poodles and St. Bernards to Mini Australian Shepherds, I charitably expressed gratitude toward the pooches mothers and fathers for offering their hairy infants to me in light of the fact that, all things considered, it would have been im-paw-sible without them!

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We Tried It: Dog Yoga a.k.a. 'Doga'
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